Average Age Of Parents Increases For Tenth Consecutive Year

The average age for both mothers and fathers has increased for the past decade, with couples choosing the delay parenthood whilst crafting their careers. 

The average age of a UK father in England and Wales has now tipped the scales at 33.6 years, according to recent data from the Office for National Statistics. 

Motherstobe remain statistically younger but also continued the trend of delaying parenthood. The average age of a mother in England and Wales is now 30.6 years old. 

Since the record lows of 1975, the average mean age of parents has increased by a total of 4.2 years. 

In total, there were 657,076 live births in England and Wales last year. The statistics seem to suggest that many parents in England and Wales would benefit from making a will to ensure their last wishes are executed following their death. 

The amount of parent registering their children outside of marriage also rose above the 5year average in 2018.  

The 326,836 live births recorded by parents outside of marriage or civil ceremony represented 48.6% of all births, almost 1% above the fiveyear average of 47.62%. Failing to make a will, whilst unmarried, could present many issues for the family if a spouse dies intestate. 

This issue could also present inheritance tax headaches for loved ones, especially a partner, if they die without leaving such a crucial document such as a will.   

Almost a third (32.5%) of men and women, who had children in 2018, made joint registrations and lived at the same address. This could indicate that they share access to a property, yet this might not be considered if the registered property owner dies intestate.   

Given the fact that 3.2% of all parents, who had a child in 2018, were aged over 45, more parents need to consider the importance of a will.  

Furthermore, the 478 fathers over the age of 60 who had a child in 2018 suggests that making a will needs to be a greater priority for parents in England and Wales. 

Unfortunately, only 45% of adults in the UK have an up to date will, according to a 2018 survey by King’s Court Trust. Worryingly, only a quarter (26%) of parents with children under 4 have a valid will. 

Have you noticed an increase in new parents making wills?  



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