Anticipation Grows As Sector Awaits MoJ Announcement

It is anticipated that the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) will make an announcement legalizing Wills that have been witnessed via video calls.

It is thought people will be able to use video platforms like Zoom or Skype to sign their wills in the ‘virtual’ presence of two witnesses.

The MoJ will this week unveil its solution in the shape of an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act of 2000 which will allow the use of video links for wills.

It is expected to be made retrospective to January 31, two days after the UK’s first Covid-19 cases, so that people who may have used video for witnesses will have legal cover.

It is feared that there will be a wave of contentious probate claims over lockdown wills being witnessed via video link, but this amendment will put a change to all of that.

Ian Bond, Chair of Law Society’s Wills and Equity Committee:

“The Law Commission had been put in place to look at wills in 2017 and was trundling along but unfortunately Covid-19 came round before it could make any changes to primary legislation.”

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