Only 7% of wills and power of attorney enquiries followed up

UK Mystery Shopping Law Firm Survey finds only 7% of wills and power of attorney enquiries are followed up.

Shopper Anonymous presented the results of the largest ever UK mystery shopping survey for law firms at Legalex last week.

The study involved 85 law firms who volunteered to take part and consisted of 400 one-to-one client enquiries, the majority of which were for wills and powers of attorney.

Split into walk-in enquiries, website enquiries, and phone enquiries, some key findings were as follows:

  • Of 100% clients who walked into a law firm with an enquiry, 71% managed to speak to an expert but only 7% of discussions were followed up.
  • Of 100% of clients who contacted a firm via their website, 88% of enquiries were responded to but as few as 24% of firms spoke to the client and only 6% were then followed up.

Over 400 telephone calls were made to the firms with 55% making contact and 57% speaking to a fee earner. Again only 7% were followed up. 55% of firms called back in response to a message which means that a shocking 45% of firms didn’t call their potential customer back.

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