£67m fortune left in will of famous architect

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid left a £67 million fortune in her will. Dying suddenly in March 2016, the British-Iraqui architect had designed numerous buildings around the world including the London Olympics Aquatics Centre and the Guangzhou opera house.

Her will revealed that she bequeathed a lump-sum of £500,000 to Patrik Shumacher, her business partner. Four nieces and nephews received a total of £1.7 million, whilst her brother Haytham Hadid was given a £500,000 share.

Being made a dame in 2013, Hadid was unmarried and without children, and left her international design businesses in trust. These form the majority of her wealth.

Obtained by The Architects Journal, Hadid’s will indicates that the net value of her estate was £67,249,458.

In a provocative speech, Shumaker angered his fellow executors of Hadid’s will, advocating abandonment of social housing, art school closure as well as building over Hyde Park.

Property developer Peter Palumbo, artist Brian Clarke and Hadid’s niece Rana are also executors of the will alongside Shumacher. They are adamant that Hadid “would have been totally opposed to these views” and voiced this in a public statement.

According to the will, Hadid’s architecture practice – which she was the sole owner of – will be left in trust.

Powers were also given to executors in regards to distributing the income gained from Hadid’s numerous businesses. Potential parties include “past, current and future employees and office holders of the companies” in addition to the Zaha Hadid Foundation. This was originally set up to increase awareness of architectural education and exhibitions of Hadid’s work. Family members and charities could also benefit from the income.

“For the moment”, the trustees are Hadid’s executors according to her will.

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