Are you wasting time on Social Media?

Many will writers are winning business using social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but unless you are using it correctly, trying to build your business online can soon become a drain on your time and resources.

According to recent research conducted by Ofcom, there is growing usage of social media amongst the older generations; there are now more over 65s than ever going online, with 42% of adults over the age of 65 using social networking sites. The use of mobile devices for the 65-74 age group has trebled in the last 3 years and the use of smartphones in the same age group has doubled.

The research is indicative of a sizeable, and growing, online market for wills and probate services.

There are a number of ways to grow your will writing business online, but if you want to be successful online you need to be in the right places, talking to the right people and standing out amongst your competitors.

Here are my top five tips for will writers and probate practitioners using social media:

1. Be influential

There are a large number of will writing businesses online, and by throwing another one into the mix you can soon become lost amongst the noise of your competitors. You need to develop a way to ensure that your business stands out and becomes influential amongst professionals. You can achieve this by becoming recognised as an expert in your industry, so that people automatically think of you when they need wills or probate advice.

You need to analyse your vocabulary and use of words within your content; let your audience see your personality as well as your expertise shine through. If they can get to know and trust you, they will hopefully build a connection with you and use your services when they need them.

2. Network with the right people

Particularly in professional services, business owners can easily fall into the trap of networking online exclusively with their peers and competitors. Of course it can be useful to get another professional’s opinion on a particularly complex case, but by only speaking to other professionals in your industry, you are highly unlikely to win any new business. The only way to win business online is through connecting with your ideal clients and referrers, so make sure that you are connecting and communicating with the right people.

3. Network with purpose

Establishing a clear strategy is key when developing your business’ marketing and networking plan. You need to have the end in mind when networking online. Without this mindset, you can find yourself sharing, liking and re-tweeting content with no idea as to why you are doing it and, more importantly, no results either!

By tracking the results, you can establish what works for you and your business and what activities lead to new business.

4. Be patient

It takes time to build a social media profile, so don’t expect to launch your profile and have floods of people wanting to use your services; it is unlikely to work like that. Social media is all about building relationships and it takes time to build and nurture those relationships sufficiently to start seeing any tangible results.

5. Connect and provide value

Many businesses set up profiles on the social media sites and then simply promote themselves through those accounts. By connecting through the use of conversations and sharing content produced by others, such as clients (whilst still maintaining confidentiality) potential clients, referrers and potential referrers, you can build new relationships and cement existing ones. The key is to ensure you are imparting value to others by promoting and sharing your connections’ content in addition to your own.

By implementing some or all of the above, you can ensure that your social media efforts are successful and your time is not wasted.

I hope that gives you a brief overview and some ideas to assist in growing your will writing business online. If you would like any assistance with social media or marketing your business online, please contact me.

About Kelly

Kelly McDonnell is a solicitor and business consultant with over 10 years in the legal industry. She specialises in business development, particularly through the use of social media. To discuss how Kelly can assist your business, contact her directly on [email protected] or 07739963203.

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