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Document storage is a fantastic opportunity for any legal services company to increase financial security. By charging clients a fee for storing documents, many professional advisors are able to build up a substantial income; some are now earning in excess of £2000 per month in commission. This continues to be paid during periods of illness and even when they are retired.

It is important for many professional advisors to be kept up to date with the changes their clients make. Whether they wish to make changes to their documents or more importantly if a client has died, the advisor will be notified and may unlock access to estate administration work. We will always inform our advisors whenever their clients contact us to access their documents.

All documents are scanned so can be reproduced if ever lost in transit or damaged – this has never been required though. We also provide insurance for the documents for their replacement should they be lost or damaged while in the custody of National Will Safe Limited. National Will Safe also has Professional Indemnity Insurance of £2million to cover any claims that may occur as a result of our negligence.

Documents are posted to our Freepost address – at no cost to the client or the professional advisor.

There is no set up fee for the professional advisor who is given branded leaflets and other marketing material to hand out to their clients. We also provide the client with enough plastic identity cards to give to their executors, which contain contact details for both National Will Safe Limited and their professional advisor.

We collect payments directly from the client by direct debit. Direct debit payments can be increased at any time without a new instruction from your client. We will charge whatever fee the professional advisor tells National Will Safe Limited to collect from their client annually depending on how much commission they want to earn out of each wallet stored.

The advantages for the professional advisor:

  • No hassle finding somewhere to physically store the documents.
  • No hassle finding (and paying) for insurance for the documents.
  • No hassle dealing with document access while on holiday or during periods of illness.
  • No hassle dealing with lost standing orders, standing orders set up to pay monthly instead of annually etc.
  • No hassle on retirement or disposal of your business.
  • No hassle during retirement – an income to fund retirement and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • No hassle if you sell up – the income can be sold – no standing orders to move, no documents to move.
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