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Created by Chris Harris and Karen Babington, Today’s Wills & Probate was launched in October 2014 with the intention of informing will writers, probate practitioners and estate planners about the changes that are happening in their market. It is now becoming one of the leading sources of information for wills and probate professionals in England and Wales.

It offers an overview of will writing, probate and estate planning from a law and business perspective. Respected as a source of reliable advice and information, it is published online and as a weekly electronic newsletter.

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Following on from the success of it’s sister publication, Today’s Conveyancer,  Today’s Wills and Probate has provided a voice to the wills and probate sector, it has seen a natural expansion into other areas of law, offering the same service to new audiences.

Today’s Conveyancer was launched in 2010, Today’s Legal Cyber Risk launched in 2018 and Today’s Family Lawyer launched in August 2019.

Our Approach

Today’s Wills & Probate is completely independent of regulators and as a result is able to adopt a balanced editorial position.

In order to keep abreast of changes in the wills and probate sector, industry professionals regularly meet up to discuss best practice, upcoming changes and the impact they will have. The events include round tables and our Women in Wills event.

Today’s Wills and Probate also created The British Wills and Probate Awards, which celebrates excellence within the Wills and Probate Industry. More information is available on The British Wills and Probate Awards website.


The readership for Today’s Wills and Probate has grown significantly since it’s creation. It now boasts over 3,500 subscribers to it’s free weekly newsletter.

On average the website receives over 26,500 page views a month, resulting in it being the top ranked wills and probate news publication on Google.

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The Team

Created by Chris Harris, who manages the publication alongside Karen Babington, the website has grown rapidly. Jennifer van Deursen and Toni Ryder-McMullin, now manage the daily running of the publication.

If you’d like to contact the team to share a story, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The email is [email protected]

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